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Why Occunet

All payers should have access to quality healthcare with simple, transparent pricing.

This is WHY we do what we do. 

OccuNet’s existence is dependent upon controlling and lowering medical costs for our clients while maintaining critical relationships with medical service providers.  We believe that transparency and communication are all that is required to address and change the greatest mystery in healthcare today. 


What is a fair and reasonable price? 

Interestingly, the healthcare market doesn’t operate in the same fashion other “open” markets do, such as purchasing a house or vehicle.  The secretive and complex nature of healthcare pricing creates an uneven playing field.  OccuNet’s expertise levels the field and creates solutions in which all parties win.

  1. What We Do
  2. How We Do It
  3. Our Results

With 15 years of experience OccuNet creates pricing agreements between healthcare providers and payers on a national level, with a focus on orthopedic care whether from sports-related, accident / special risk or on the job injuries

We go beyond the basics of Medical Cost Containment by creating custom solutions for the payer and provider. 

Our skilled teams focus on trust, relationships, communication and efficiency to guarantee effective solutions for all parties. 
We develop customized solutions for every client and provider on the belief that there is no possible way or reason to force the solutions into a one size-fits-all box. 

» Eliminate medical inflation with fee for service
» Utilize primary insurance payment as payment in full.
» Pre negotiate pricing ahead of service.
» Leverage years of valuable client / payer relationships
    with providers
» 100% organic, all contracts and repricing originate in

Simple –

We do everything different than the traditional model suggest. 

The industry would label us as a network, PPO or re-pricing company.  We do not look or act like any other “network” or “re-pricing” company.  Here are some key points that make OccuNet unique.

» Over 65% aggregate discount on network agreements.
» Over 55% discount for out-of-network claims.
» Less than 3 day turn around on network claims.
» Less than 10 day turn around on out-of-network claims.
» Concierge level service and communication

OccuNet’s experience and relationships generate results unmatched in the industry! 

We consistently double the discounts of our competitors in every jurisdiction across the country. Here is what you can expect.