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Our Story

OccuNet is different. We are unique. 

We offer something organic and new. 

If we’re being truthful, we didn’t start out with a grand idea or big plan to become what we’ve evolved into today. It happened by accident, but no matter how it happened, we’ve found the best and most effective way to address the complexity and rise of healthcare pricing.

It happened like this.
A medical bill was mistakenly sent to our insurance company office. The amount of the outpatient surgical bill caught our attention. We contacted the client to let them know we had received their medical bill and out of curiosity asked what they typically did with a large medical bill. Too effortless, they replied, “We pay it.”




We realized an opportunity and asked permission to contact the medical provider on their behalf, with the intent of establishing workable terms for all parties. And, our approach resulted in the hospital agreeing to new pricing that resulted in significant savings while providing simple terms and less administration for the provider. Needless to say, the client was thrilled and we were hooked on creating a ‘win-win’ solution. We realized a tremendous opportunity and significant need to address ever-increasing healthcare pricing and complexity. 

Thus began our story.

We instituted a method to analyze pricing and the complex nature of relationships between medical providers and payers, and seized the opportunity to deliver unmatched, significantly reduced medical costs for our clients while offering ease of administration, assurance of payment and simple terms for medical providers. We ‘bridged the gap’ and cleared the obstacles of medical service pricing, developed relationships and trust that deliver simple solutions and consistent results for all parties.

  1. What Drives OccuNet
  2. Our Vision
  3. Join Us

Our core values drive and determine every action and decision we make. 

Decisions that impact our clients and our team are best made on principal rather than often varying situations and circumstances.
These principles allow OccuNet to pursue and deliver industry changing results.

Be good Stewards

» Be humble, give
» Create efficient processes with available resources
» Do more with less

We not Me

» Value contribution of every individual
» Our purpose is larger than any single individual
» Open relationships built on trust, commitment and  

Serve with Passion and Purpose

» Go beyond what is expected
» Have fun and love what you are doing
» "Work" is based on results and not what work looks like    “time”.

Deliver excellence and value

» Create and drive creative solutions for OccuNet and clients
» Avoid complacency by driving change
» Do what it takes to deliver high standards and quality

OccuNet is “Bridging the Gap” between payers and providers of medical services. 

OccuNet creates and strengthens the relationship between payers and providers to create custom solutions to complex issues surrounding medical services and pricing.  All of our services remain in-house which ensures the best savings and the correct reimbursement for our providers. 

OccuNet is not influenced by industry standards or current medical pricing platforms. Each client and provider has a unique story and situation that warrants a tailored strategy and plan. Instead of feeding the tension between the medical provider and payer that often exists, we leverage the relationship to create unique, distinctive solutions. We believe that understanding and respecting the perspectives of all parties develops long – term mutually beneficial working relationships built on trust, communication and reliability.

The relationships OccuNet fosters creates a platform in which all parties benefit. 

The provider benefits from having a loyal, long – term customer.  The payer benefits from accessing high quality health care services at the best possible price.

Here is what you can expect:

» Fast pace, relentless
» Meticulous attention to detail
» Constant focus
» Full days and solid hours
» Urgency
» Constant objections, obstacles and changes
» High expectations

OccuNet is continually adding talent to our focused team as growth propels demand for our services. 

The “OccuNUTZ” as we are called, add energy, excitement, strength and knowledge that allows OccuNet to increase our capacity to service client needs and to deliver the best solutions, service and discounts in the industry. 

Your mission and opportunity should you choose to accept it…. 

Belong to an incredibly focused and talented team that is united to achieve one mission which is to “Provide transparent, fair and reasonable medical service pricing for all payers.”  “Saving the world one medical bill at a time!”

If being united in this cause is of interest please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.