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Our Philosophy: Bridging the Gap

We offer a broad array of specialized services to assist our Partners effectively. Why?

Because we believe all individuals should have access to quality healthcare with simple, transparent pricing.

Interestingly, the healthcare market doesn’t operate in the same fashion other open markets do, such as purchasing a house or vehicle. And like any other open market, the playing field is not even.

Not all healthcare providers offer the same in terms of quality, service, geography, etc., and shouldn’t be compensated the same.

Because the healthcare market is driven by volume, individual consumers may not be able to access the most competitive pricing. This is where our expertise becomes invaluable. We originate relationships that never before existed, and in doing so, we Bridge the Gap. This is what enables us to filter through the healthcare market and access quality medical care for consumers, at reasonable prices.

  1. Complete Solution
  2. Custom Alliance Agreements
  3. Strategic Bill Analysis
  4. Medical Bill Consultation

OccuNet is the complete solution for medical cost containment.

Our clients confidently send all medical billing to OccuNet for reduction.  Through electronic interface (EDI), sftp, fax or email our clients send all medical bills to OccuNet for reduction.

Benefits to our clients

Analysis: Real time analysis of all your medical billing
Efficiency: One source to send all your medical billing, maximizing efficiency
Service: Access to industry leading discounts, technology, solutions and service

Custom Alliance Agreements are our way of connecting providers and payers.


Our clients direct us to their preferred medical providers and we form an alliance between the two, consolidating the claims process.

Benefits to our clients

Relationship: The provider and payer are “connected”, bringing understanding and value to the partnership.
Pricing: All parties know what to expect from one another. This includes services provided, pricing and payment guidelines.
Efficiency: The design of the Alliance Agreements allow each party to do what they do best and spend less time engaging in the claims process.

We offer our clients in-house bill analysis and never allow other companies to ‘reprice’ medical bills for us.


Our Alliance Agreements are specifically tailored to meet the needs of each client and provider, and our customized bill analysis software is essential in the congruity of our customized agreement process.

Benefits to our clients

Accuracy: Our Team understands and executes each Alliance Agreement using our evaluation methodologies to achieve the expected outcome.
Expediency: No outsourcing means less time in transit and no bills in “ques”. Our team goes right to work when the bills arrive. Our average bill turnaround time is less than 3 days, well below industry standards.
Better Outcomes: If questions or appeals arise regarding reimbursements, our teams are connected and will arrive at a solution quicker. OccuNet's process results in less time and money spent by all parties.

In today’s health care system, many payers don’t have access to competitive, open-market pricing.

We create an avenue in which the health care services to billing process are transparent and opportune for both parties. OccuNet’s medical billing consultation services works one of two ways. 1) We will mediate agreeable terms for all parties on medical billing for services that have been provided and are “out of network” or where the payer is un / underinsured. 2) We can arrange favorable pricing prior to services being performed. This method is very effective as it creates competitive pricing for payers, and guarantees payment for providers.


Benefits to our clients:

Peace of mind: We offer clarity throughout the often misunderstood bill paying process, and educate our clients on their various options.
Education: We keep our clients informed during the entire process of the consultation. We advise our clients and help them to avoid potential challenges in the future.
Savings: Our clients pay much less using our consultative services. We arrive at mutually agreed terms that are straightforward and equitable for all parties.